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Out of Control

Heya folks.

I won't apologize this time, that I didn't write en entry for so long.. .,.

I'm kind of.. "busy". Well, not busy, but still.. still kind of the hands full with some things to do.

Priority one is to get my second Priest to 99, there was even dbl exp event on euRO chaos, and I reached lvl 95 with her. (She got around ~31% now.)


School is keeping me busy also. There is a shitload of exams I have to do within the next weeks. (Yes, tbh I didn't study much the last days, because of the exp event and such >_> )

Otherwise I'm kind of the happiest girl on this planet right now.

Hendrik broke up with his "girlfriend", Alice, and we are together now.

You can't imagine how happy I was, when he decided to choose me.

I always thought this fight, and these tears were for nothing, but it went all well.. unbelievable. Did you think, that he will choose me afterall? I didn't.

I love him so much.. >_<

Only thing that sucks atm, that my mum is stressing again.. Like "I take the router with me at around 11pm, so say goodbye now, it's nearly 11pm"... -____- But like I know her, she won't do it all the time until I don't make a disaster over it. >:

So.. as you see, nothing much to tell you.


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23.2.07 09:48

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