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Can't think of a topic.. .,.

So, it's friday today. And everything seemed like a nice and relaxing weekend. And now.. Hendrik is gone. He sleeps over at Dave's again. His best friend. So, i'm bored and a bit sad and feeling lonely, 'cause he isn't here.

Don't get me wrong, it's okay, when he is over at Dave's. I like Dave anyway and its his birthday today, so they should have some fun. Still.. it's lonely, and I don't got stuff to do.

Seems like I watch some animes all night long and lvl my rogue.. maybe.

Dunno, if they come online, Dave said so, but I'm afraid Hendrik isn't in the mood to see me that much atm.. We got some problems as you can see in the last entry.

But just MAYBE, they come online or skype or smth.. q.q

I really really hope so. <.<

And as for me, nothing has changed, everything is as ever.

I nearly got a fight with Hendrik every evening now.. >_> It's me, not him, tho. And it's complicated. Not really in the mood to talk about it.

Hm.. nothing much to say, just felt like saying hello and hanging a sign, that I'm still alive, but if I'm lively,.. that's a question.


16.3.07 19:56

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