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Fck Marshall.

Heya folks! D:

How are you doing? .. Me? I'm fine.. at the moment. Cried my heart out yesterday again, 'cause of chaos (what else? >: )

Things are going... fine so far. At home it became kinda silent. We just shaddup about the problems, because we talked soo much about them. - -" Well, i think it's a good thing, that we don't talk about it.. q.q u see what i mean?

Still i'm deeply in love with chaos and i can't change it... akjshdsuidguid. Yesterday i said to myself "give him up, there is so sense" - but honestly, what would change? We would talk as much as we do now, we would hang up together as much as we do now..riiiight, nothing would change, and i can't deny my feelings, or "delete" them this way.

He is always saying, that i still got a chance to reach him, but u know.. I lost hope, nearly completely. Maybe I'm just running after illusions once again.. ehehe -_- Who knows?

Well so far.

Atm i'm listening 24/7 to Eminem & D12 - My Band.. >_> chaos got me addicted to it. ;_;

So, that's it.

And keep in mind,... fuck marshall! D:

25.11.06 13:20

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