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For fucks sake.. you really got issues, ain'tcha? -_-

Okay.. three words...


It's all so messed up right now.

Kat got problems with chrii again, and somehow she is all pissed the last days (well, don't get me wrong, it's okay to be pissed and such..), and then we watched "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (Germany searches for the next best singer.. or smth) and Kat and me talked about it and she said something about a guy, which she thinks he is good, and i said, i don't think, he is good. Then she went like crazy, cause that made the bowl to overflow, or smth and being all bitchy to everyone and only Bjo is fine and blahblah.. (You don't have to understand me right now, i'm just crying at your shoulder, because everything comes back at me and I have to clear things out.. I dunno why. Seems like I look like a person who is good at it, or smth -_-; ) Well, and she said smth like "lol go to ri and stfu oO", because we are... similiar? I don't got a clue what's going on with her.

You know, i'm fine with helping and talking and listening, but don't push everything on me by force , because you are helpless in that case or smth.. O_O

Kat, i really really love you, you hear me? But finally start to trust people and don't be always fucking pessimistic about everything. He loves you, you love him, but you are losing each other because of shit.. "like" that?

Really, what the hell is going wrong on this goddamn planet?

Who is hearing me out and being all "aw, come on, i'll listen to you, tell me your problems" ?

Yeah, i know, i never asked you to cry your heart out at my shoulder, but still i'm fucking interested what's going on in your life and i want to know, get it? Oo



Thanks for your attention. 

31.1.07 22:01

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